SSI Training Courses

The difference with ScubaNicks is that’s whilst all course content is covered, ScubaNicks prides itself on ensuring you really learn to dive with confidence or improve your diving whilst learning MORE than the standard course content.

ScubaNicks has a strong record of success with divers of all abilities.The cost of training is fully comprehensive and includes; private dive instructor, quality dive equipment, dive manuals, meals on board dive boats and transportation. The entry programs may be conducted from the comfort of your own villa pool and or boat; alternatively only professional dive pools are used. ScubaNicks comes to YOU the CLIENT.

The full range of SSI Courses are available

  • Private Swimming Lessons                    1,500 baht/ph
  • Bubblemaker                                               4,500 baht
  • Discover Scuba Diving                              6,000 baht
  • Open Water Diver                                     16,000 baht
  • Advanced Open Water Diver               13,500 baht
  • Emergency First Response                    5,500 baht
  • Rescue Diver                                             15,000 baht
  • Divemaster                                                56,000 baht

Please contact ScubaNicks for more detailed pricing of these courses, dive specialties and group pricing.  Training Organizations and Corporate incentive programs can also be designed tailored to meet YOUR needs.

For the RESCUE and DIVEMASTER courses you will be put through your paces, ScubaNicks likes to push and challenge students resulting in professional dive standards like no other dive company.

Whatever course you choose, you can be assured that ScubaNicks will deliver training beyond your expectations.The difference with ScubaNicks is that whilst all course content is covered, ScubaNicks prides itself of ensuring you really learn to dive with confidence.
Additional Skills are imparted on every course
Nervous Divers: ScubNicks has an excellent track record of imparting confidence to new divers

The cost of all training courses is fully inclusive and includes; 
Private dive instructor, 
Quality dive equipment,
Dive manuals, 

The full range of SSI Training Courses is available:

Bubblemaker / SEAL Program

For children between the age of 8-10.  A real fun program for children conducted in your villa pool giving young children the opportunity to do something unique!

Course DurationLBubblemaker)        3 hours (basically a morning or an afternoon)

Course Duration: (Seal)                                             up to 8 separate Dive Sessions

Discover Scuba Diving

This is a one day experience of Scuba Diving.  No Certification.  You are taught the basics of diving and your instructor basically does the dive for you allowing you the opportunity to explore and experience the magnificent underwater world.

Open Water Diver

This is full certification which allows you to dive anywhere you wish following successful completion.  This is a real fun program in which your instructor takes you through step by step the process of diving.  

The program consists of:

  • One day in the swimming pool covering the basic dive skills
  • One day dive theory – This can be done in your own time
  • Two days on a dive boat with 4 separate dives

Course Duration:    3 or 4 Days (4 days is preferable)

Advanced Open Water Diver

This is a full certification course that develops your dive education

The program consists of

  • Two days, which do not have to be consecutive
  • Five Dives including navigation and deep diving

Course Duration:    3 or 4 Days (4 days is preferable)

Rescue Diver

This is a full certification course that develops your dive education; you will find this one of the most challenging yet fun diving courses.

The program consists of

  • Four days, does not have to be consecutive
    • Day 1:  Emergency First Response, Rescue dive video
    • Day 2:  Pool Practice Sessions / Beach Diving Rescue Techniques
    • Day 3:  Boat Diving – Rescue techniques
    • Day 4:  Boat Diving – Rescue techniques

Course Duration:    3 or 4 Days (4 days is preferable)


This is a full professional certification course giving you the opportunity to work in the Dive Industry.

The course is a real challenge and is fully comprehensive enabling you to lead dives with genuine confidence, fun is ensured at every stage of the training! 

The program consists of

  • Dive Theory
    • Water Skills
    • Assistance on PADI Courses
    • Dive Guiding
  • Course Duration:             Minimum of 3 weeks, preferably 6 to 8 weeks

Dive Specialities

Night Diving
Enriched Air – Nitrox
Deep Diving
Digital Photography
Drift Diving 
Boat Diving
Fish Identification
Multilevel Diving

Course Duration:    2 – 3 days depending on the Speciality